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  • Spectrum Medical Group is a physician-owned multi-specialty practice with over 200 board certified physicians. We offer excellent patient care, provided locally, by experienced and respected anesthesiologists, orthopedists, pathologists, physiatrists, radiologists, radiation oncologists, and surgeons in Maine.

    Our patient care is supported by one of the most sophisticated management teams in Maine. If you're looking for the best specialty care that Maine has to offer, you've found it. Welcome to Spectrum Medical Group.

  • CEO Introduction

    David Landry
    David Landry, CEO
    Spectrum Medical Group is a Maine-based, physician-led organization that combines strong physician leadership with expertise from a multidisciplinary management team. Spectrum is comprised of over 200 Board Certified physicians, serving patients and communities throughout Maine and northern New England. The care and treatment of our patients is of primary importance to us. We are dedicated to excellence in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of illness, life long learning, and serving our communities.

  • Physician Leadership

    Physician LeadershipSpectrum is a physician-led organization that combines strong physician leadership with business expertise from a highly professional administrative team. The combination results in the organization’s ability to successfully meet critical operational objectives while ensuring opportunities for strategic development.

  • Working with Spectrum

    Spectrum Medical Group works with health care facilities and and other group practices on a consultative basis to assist in developing utilization review, quality, and practice management services.

    Chief Executive Officer, at 207-482-7800 or 1-800-803-7538.

  • Bringing Value to Our Communities

    A major tenet of our organization’s philosophy is to ensure that all citizens of our community have access to quality care, regardless of insurance coverage or their ability to pay. Last year, Spectrum Medical Group donated over 10 million dollars in free care or charity care to patients across Maine and New Hampshire.

  • Developing Centers Of Excellence

    Spectrum Medicak GroupSpectrum Medical Group is dedicated to improving the quality of both healthcare and patient safety. Quality continues to be a strategic focus of our Board of Directors. The Board's strategic initiatives include the following goals:

    • To provide the highest quality sub-specialty services to our customers (patients, hospitals, physicians, citizens)
    • To service as a partner in solving regional healthcare issues (quality, access, cost)

    Spectrum's quality efforts are driven by our physicians. The company supports the investment of physician resources in building and improving infrastructure and systems implemented at our hospitals and sites of service.

    Each of our specialties at Spectrum has a comprehensive quality program. The efforts of our quality programs demonstrate meaningful progress in error reduction, enhanced patient safety, and improved outcomes.

  • Our Partners & Affiliations

    Spectrum Medical Group partners with more than 60 hospitals, medical centers, and health care facilities in Maine and New Hampshire. Our board certified physicians specialize in Anesthesiology, Medical Rehabilitation, Orthopaedics, Pain Management, Pathology, Radiation Oncology, Radiology, Surgery and Vascular & Interventional Services.

    For information please contact David Landry, Chief Executive Officer, at 207-482-7800 or 1-800-803-7538.

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