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Penobscot Surgical Care Joins Spectrum Medical Group

South Portland, ME & Bangor, ME —January 3, 2013—Spectrum Medical Group – a physician-owned, multi-specialty practice with over 150 board-certified physicians - announced on January 1, 2013 that Penobscot Surgical Care has become part of the organization.

"The addition of Penobscot Surgical Care continues our goal of creating improved coordination of care which leads to better service and higher quality patient care," stated David Landry, CEO of Spectrum Medical Group. "We will now be able offer patients full perioperative care through collaboration with our existing anesthesiology division."

Perioperative care consists of three phases: preoperative, - the management and preparation of a patient for surgery - intraoperative, - when the surgery is actually being performed - and postoperative - the management of the patient following surgery. Each phase is critical to minimizing recovery time and ensuring positive outcomes.

The addition of Penobscot Surgical Care will create a new surgery division at Spectrum Medical Group. The division will be led by managing director Michael Starks, M.D., who will also serve on Spectrum's board of directors. Dr. Starks emphasizes the value of collaboration. "The opportunity to improve the integration of care is one of the key reasons we chose to join Spectrum. We not only value working more closely with the nationally recognized anesthesiology division, but also to expand relationships with other members of patient care teams."

In 2013, Dr. Starks and Spectrum leadership will work closely develop formalized processes for ensuring the integration of patient surgical care.

"There are multiple physicians involved in a surgical case, including anesthesiologists, pathologists, radiologists, primary care providers, and a variety of other specialists, depending on the situation," says Dr. Starks. "To the extent that we can improve information flow among these providers, we will see better patient outcomes and experience."

Penobscot Surgical Care is based in Bangor, Maine and will initially perform surgeries at Eastern Maine Medical Center and St. Joseph Hospital. The division provides general surgery services, with a strong focus on thyroid and parathyroid. Minimally invasive techniques are typically employed for a variety of conditions, including thyroid/parathyroid, gastric reflux/diaphragmatic hernias, ventral/incisional/inguinal hernias, small and large bowel resection, gallbladder and solid organ (spleen and adrenal gland).