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Spectrum Medical GroupSpectrum Medical Group was formed in 1996 as a result of a merger amongst Northeast Anesthesia Professional Association, Maine Pathology Associates and Radiology Asociates of Maine. The physicians of these groups recognized both the opportunity and necessity for physicians to play a leadership role in Maine's evolving managed care environment. The physicians of these three practices believed that a well-organized, integrated, physician-led organization could form the backbone of Maine's emerging integrated delivery systems and could provide high quality, comprehensive, medical services that would best meet the needs of patients, employers, insurers, other physicians, managed care organizations and healthcare systems. Their efforts resulted in the formation of Spectrum Medical Group.

Today, Spectrum is Maine's largest multi-specialty, physician owned and directed professional organization and is comprised of over 200 physicians practicing in the areas of anesthesiology, medical rehabilitation, orthopaedics, pain management, pathology, radiation therapy, radiology, and surgery. Spectrum provides services at many of Maine's hospitals throughout the state and in eastern New Hampshire.


We provide patients with innovative, cutting-edge therapies as well as access to promising clinical trials.

Radiologists Spectrum radiologists provide a wide range of interventional and diagnostic radiology services.  The division is comprised of over 55 physicians with diverse areas of expertise and subspecialization.  Primary areas of service include interventional radiology, in which physicians utilize image-guided, minimally invasive procedures to treat patients; and diagnostic radiology, in which physicians interpret images such as MRIs, ultrasounds, and CT scans to diagnose patient conditions.  The division has recently added many new services including radioactive seed localization (RSL), Y-90 for metastatic colorectal cancer, and interventional spine procedures. 

Radiation Oncologists Our radiation oncologists provide care to over 2,900 new patients each year and provide exceptional care to a broad range of cancer patients by offering access to the most advanced and specialized procedures.  Our radiation oncologists continue to participate in research through ten active national and in-house protocols, conduct weekly peer-review, and promote a collaborative approach to patient care.  Investigational protocols are available through radiation therapy and pediatric oncology groups in correlation with the National Cancer Institute.

Anesthesiologists Spectrum anesthesiologists are skilled in the administration of all types of anesthesia, including cardiac, pediatric, neurosurgical and obstetric anesthesia and regulate critical life functions during surgery and in the intensive care unit. Anesthesiologists specializing in pain management offer innovative treatments for chronic pain conditions post surgery and trauma.

Pathologists Our pathologists are subspecialized in anatomic and clinical pathology. Through our own rigorous peer review, we have set the standard for surgical and cytological diagnostic work and have brought important ancillary techniques to the Maine community, including advanced immunohistochemistry and molecular pathology.

Physiatrists  Our medical rehabilitation and physical medicine specialists offer a broad range of electrodiagnostics and pain management services.  Their expertise includes interventional pain procedures, comprehensive management of acute and chronic pain, electrophysiologic testing, and diagnosis and management of sports injuries not requiring surgery.  They serve as integral members of a patient's care team and work closely with primary care providers to create effective care plans that patients are able to follow. 

Orthopaedists Spectrum orthopaedists offer a wide range of subspecialization for orthopaedic care. For more information on our orthopaedic services click here to visit the Orthopaedic Associates website.  

Surgery  Our surgeons provide general surgery services, with a strong focus on thyroid and parathyroid surgeries  Minimally invasive techniques are typically employed for thyroid/parathyroid, gastric reflux/diaphragmataic hernias, ventral/incisional/inguinal hernias, gallbladder, solid organ, small and large bowel resection, breast, and skin lesions.  Our focus is on minimally invasive procedures and we collaborate closely with area specialists. 

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Quality Improvement

As a physician-directed entity, Spectrum's coordinated physician efforts have resulted in strong patient advocacy by fostering approaches to medical care based on sound clinical data as well as cost considerations. Spectrum's Quality Committee (QC) reports directly to the practice's Board of Directors. The QC provides leadership for all Spectrum quality improvement activities. To monitor our quality and effectiveness, we carefully assess patient and physician satisfaction and conduct outcome measurements as well as utilization review.  Spectrum's commitment to quality continues to attract talented and dedicated physicians in multiple specialities.

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Cost Effectiveness

Spectrum Medical Group is succeeding in its mission to bring a range of high quality, reasonably priced medical services to patients. Our solid centralized infrastructure and sophisticated information system help to coordinate care, facilitate network alliances, provide cost controls and reduce administrative duplication by handling the clinical, business and operational functions that can be consolidated efficiently.

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Spectrum Eye Physician-Led OrganizationSpectrum Medical Group physicians are helping to shape the future of Maine's healthcare policy by our active involvement in organizations such as the Maine Health Management Coalition, Maine Medical Association, Maine Partners Health Plan, and MaineHealth. In addition, Spectrum physicians serve as department chairs, medical directors, and active committee members addressing a wide variety of issues central in keeping Maine in the forefront of innovative health care.

As a physician-directed practice, our Board of Directors is comprised of two physicians from each of our specialty areas who provide oversight and guidance to our practice operations and planning. One of these two physicians is elected as the divisional managing director. The managing director represents the division at weekly Executive Committee meetings and presides over regular Division Advisory Committee and Practice Management meetings.

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We are dedicated to excellence in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of illness, to life long learning, to commitment to our communities, and to the primary importance of the care and treatment of our patients.

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Community Commitment

Spectrum Medical Group physicians live in the communities we serve. Spectrum physicians provide many hours of uncompensated care and generously support hospitals through capital campaign donations and annual giving programs. We are actively involved in the community because, like you, we want to foster healthy, well-rounded communities. Spectrum physicians give back to the communities as major financial supporters for Komen Maine Race for the Cure, childrens' programs, cultural events, and educational programs.

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Executive Management Team

Spectrum Medical Group is fortunate to have a highly skilled Executive Management Team supporting the needs of the practice.

David Landry, Chief Executive Officer
Kelly MacKinnon, Chief Financial Officer
W. John Wipfler, Chief Operating Officer

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